Moultrie feeders and Cameras

I called and sent a number of emails to to the customer support team. I had a couple of moultrie cameras and they quite working and no one would call or email me back to answer my question so i thru them in the trash. JUNK. So now i have 8 Pro hunter feeders that the timers will not let me adjust the time or feeding times. So i call that so call customer support team and i was told they could give me 50% off of the new Pro hunter feeder kit. I don't like the new spin off mount that the new kits come with. I wanted to just replace the timer on my feeders and she would only give me a 15% discount. Which means the new feeder kit would cost me $27.49 each and the new timer would cost me $35.00. I feel like if Moultrie was really as good as they claim to be they would work with there customers to try and fix their problems. I am not want something for free and i know my feeders are not new but if you are willing to give me 50% off the new kit then why want you give me 50% off just the timer because that's all i need. I know a lot of my friends want buy a Moultie product because they have had the same issues. This is my last attempt to try and fix my issues with Moultrie. I will take all these feeders off and replace them with another brand and i will NEVER buy another Moultrie product. I know i am just a small fish in the sea but once the word start getting out about such bad products and customer service it will hurt the company.


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