Solar Power for Pro Magnum Feeder Motor

I just bought 5 Pro Magnum feeders to replace the 5 'other brand' feeder motors that I have been using (and replacing).
What I need to know is if the solar panels that went to my other feeder motors will work with the Pro Magnum? The other feeder motors had one 6 volt rechargeable battery and a generic 6 volt solar panel hooked up to it's circuit board (two wires, one positive, one negative)...The circuit board monitored the batteries and made sure that the batteries weren't overcharged. The solar panels are just generic 6 volt solar feeder panels (that put out a little more than 6 volts...8.5 volts I believe). They are small in size...maybe 4" x 6".
I don't want to have to replace all of my solar panels too if I can avoid it. The plug-in (on the side of the feeder through the housing) is not an issue as I have those plugs for 6 volt)


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