Moultrie Mobile Update - 8/24/17

Status update for Moultrie Mobile. Please read the following carefully.

Our current estimate is that the system will remain offline until the morning of Monday, August 28th.
Moultrie Mobile has been performing major system maintenance for the last 7 days.
The system has been offline since 10pm on Tuesday, August 22nd.
All critical maintenance operations have been completed successfully.
Initially, we estimated that the system would be back online this morning around 8am.
However, the scale of the image database is immense, and some of our upgrade operations are executing slower than expected.
No trail cameras in the field have been impacted by this maintenance. Your trail cameras continue to operate normally and are uploading images to the system correctly. So, although you cannot access your account at this time, your cameras continue to upload photos which will be accessible when the system comes back online.

To our customers, we want to sincerely apologize for the delay. We are aware that we are entering the heart of scouting season. Our overriding commitment is to quality and reliability. We are eager to bring Moultrie Mobile back online as soon as possible, but we do not want to launch until all system upgrades have been tested and verified. The upgrades we are making to the system will enable us not only to provide new features more quickly, but also to provide more consistent and stable service in the years ahead.

Thank you for your patience. We will continue to provide updates in the coming days.

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