The Moultrie Forums Are Moving!

We are excited to announce the Moultrie Forum is migrating to a new platform and new location! The new forum connects directly with Moultrie’s customer service platform allowing our team to better integrate into the conversation. It is also a great opportunity to streamline the forums and start fresh conversations.

What you need to know:
• You need to create a new username and login on the new forum. Go to
• The current forum will close on October 9th, so we encourage you to migrate to the new platform quickly.
• The new forum connects with Zendesk allowing you quick access to FAQs and even view your open tickets with Customer Service.

Need some encouragement?
• Everyone who creates a new account on the new forum is eligible to win a sweepstakes!
• Look for the Sweepstakes thread in the “General Discussion” section of the new Moultrie Forum. Then, simply post in that thread, “I’m here” for a chance to win a $500 gift card to

Lastly, the Moultrie Team wants to thank each of you for participating in the conversations thus far. You are building a great community in which users can share stories, give advice, and help each other become better hunters. We will be monitoring and helping where needed.

We cannot wait to see you over there!

Thank you,
Team Moultrie


On the next app update please allow the ability to swipe left or right to advance pics when viewing in full screen mode. Having to go back to the thumb nail screen to advance pics is an extra step.

Also when deleting pics, currently it goes back a page from the thumb nail to the main pic page so again an extra step.

It would be nice to be able to swipe left or right to advance pics in full screen mode and delete pics from the full screen mode.

Thank you guys for all you do, just something that would make the app a little more user friendly.


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