Service Outage

Are you kidding me? I finally have a weekend open where I can get up to my land 128 miles from here. I'm going to set up my cameras and I go online to reactivate my modem and find this:
"Planned service blackout for system update is in effect. System is expected to come online Monday August 28th. "
Why would you guys do this over a weekend with the archery deer season right around the corner? Thank goodness I was going to activate my modem before I made the drive.
Really Moultrie?


  • @otarcher I know the timing wasn't ideal but the service outage was so that the system as a whole could be improved and give you guys the best possible experience this hunting season, with all the lessons learned from last season wrapped up in a neat little bow.

    That being said, it looks like they brought the site up early (judging by the forum activity). Were you able to get everything rocking over the weekend?

  • With the message indicating the system was expected to come online today I did not try again over the weekend. I understand the need for system upgrades: it was just really bad timing for me and after I spent the morning loading my truck, digging out my cameras, solar panels, security boxes and batteries I was not a happy hunter. I'm glad I tried to activate my modem before I made the 2-hour drive.
    Either way, I appreciate the message. I may be able to make the trek this weekend.

  • @otarcher the site is up and so are the apps! Let us know if you have any problems activating your modem. We would be glad to help any way that we can. 1-800-653-3334

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