Getting pics, kinda

I am receiving my pics very late and not at all from some of my cameras. I have multiple cameras pointing at the same target and I'm receiving pictures for one, mind you it is just taking a long time, but not receiving any pictures from the other. That was last week. Now I am not receiving anything. I checked the cameras and modems today and they seem to be working but I haven't received the pics of me in front of them and that was 10 hours ago. According to the app both cameras in modems have good battery life and signal. Are there still any issues receiving pictures with the upgrade? Everything was working great for me before the upgrade. Of course I need these asap. I drew a bear tag after 8 years, bought 3 cameras and 3 modems because my hunt is 4 hours away and I am using these to determine my bating needs. Opener is in 11 days and I have been down for a week. Any thoughts?


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    Also I can't seem to get any of thier contact forms to work. The customer support email doesn't go through either. So right now I'm stuck when I need it most.
  • @jeffagroh Here's the rundown:

    Modem ending in 65C: Modem is checking in but not recognizing the camera, looks like the last time it successfully saw the camera was 8/31. I'd check the USB connection and possibly format the SD card.

    Modem 241: Looks like you got a picture this morning. Other times it's been checking in and reporting no pictures to upload so either nothing is coming by or it wasn't triggering the camera for some reason.

    Modem CA7: Looks like quite a few pictures yesterday. Nothing yet today but it could just be lack of activity - let me know if you think this one is having problems and I can try to dig deeper.

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