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    @YankeeBill396 Add it in the custom tag if it's important. If my eyeballs can't tell, imagine recognition won't.

    In other words, if you see a picture with a wolf, add the tag(Wolf) under the picture in the box. It then shows up in the drop down for custom tags. You can then check that box in the filters menu and it will show the pics with that tag.

  • i don't have very much experience with other cellular camera brands, but i feel like Moultrie Moble could be a whole lot better. i also don't have time to read the 7 pages of peoples Suggested Enhancements. you should be able to set custom up load time. i live in the pacific time zone and my pictures up load at central standard time! that's very annoying. i know you can sorta fix that when you set your up load frequency to a higher rate. but that is not ideal and that uses more battery, and is a pain in the butt.

  • @YankeeBill396 said:
    One thing that I have already brought up to Moultrie and am now putting it out here; When are they going to upgrade their Photo Tags ie: Wolf, Raccoons, coyote,Bobcat ,Bear etc? Their reply so far is that nothing is in the works to do so!

    We hear you! Expanding our Smart Tags is now on the road map, along with quite a few other requested features.

  • @dpekera said:
    Is there a way to change the background color on the app?

    In the works!

  • @flatfour said:
    I'd like to see an option to enable/disable motion detect for certain hours of the day if you wanted. This would be a really nice feature.

    Working on it!

  • I see an issue with the billing and pics per month since we do not have the option to turn the cameras off when not in use. This applies to mainly the summer months. The lowest plan offers 100 pics. The VX7000 has a maximum delay of 30 mins. If you take 100 pics x 30 min per pic. That equates to 3,000 mins. If you divide the 3,000 mins into hours, that comes up to 50 hours a month. At the beginning of a billing cycle, you get 2 days of pics that get transmitted. A month(31 days) has 44,640 minutes in it. If you subtract the 3,000 mins from the plan, you have 41,640 mins. 41,640 divided by 30 min delay, you get 1,388 pics not potentially received. The rest of the month you have to retrieve them from the card. This is all based on the camera pushing a pic every 30 mins. Is there a way to space out more than the 30 mins delay? Are we able to keep the camera activated, but have a low monthly cost when we are not using them? Say if the camera does not transmit any pics, it is a flat rate of $x.xx or something like this.

  • @Jriedy85 said:
    I’d like to be able to see how many pics each modem/camera has sent per month. This way I can look back and decide if I need to enlarge or maybe shrink my data plan. Maybe show like a rolling 12 months for each camera. Could be pretty handy.

    if your good at math, just look at the top right hand corner, there is a drop down." per page" 48, 96 ,144. chose how many pictures you want per page, and multiply that by how many pages you have.

  • @Bobcape said:
    It would be very helpful if the emails I receive alerting me of new pictures, identified which camera it's from. I have two 7000's and am more interested in the activity on one of them. Thanks.


    @Bobcape, it already does. when you get an email look closer at it, depending on what camera your using it should identify what camera sent it. for example," you have new images from camera 1" ( A series cameras) or for more advanced cameras, you have new images from S-50i, M-50i, or something like that.

  • @Mobile_Tsar said:

    @flatfour said:
    I'd like to see an option to enable/disable motion detect for certain hours of the day if you wanted. This would be a really nice feature.

    Working on it!

    i was thinking about it, that is a great idea! because i, as other people are saying most of the false triggers are during the day. and @Mobile_Tsar not only should you make it so you can enable/disable motion detect mode for certain hours of the day when you are using Moultrie MobIle, but also, i think it would be a awesome idea to ad that feature for the 2021 M series cameras, for the people who are not using Moultrie mobile.

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