best model - in your opinion

i have the m888, and i have been thoroughly impressed with it. it's operated flawlessly and has been phenomenal on battery life. i haven't put it through it's paces yet, it's only been set to take pics, so i haven't tried it's video capabilities.
i will be adding to my collection, so am curious what models have been great performers for everyone.


  • The circa 2011 M80 is the best camera the Chinese ever manufactured.

  • The M80 was a great camera. I do like the M888 except the design of the loops for the Python cables. I have a hard time getting the cable to make the sharp bend to make it through the loops molded into the camera and around the tree. It always ends up making the camera move from the position I had it set at.
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    Over the last 3 years since 2014 all have fallen as to being Reliable and not having to go in for a Warranty Replacement even their High End 2014 M-1100i gone thru 5 of the replaces from the 3 I have, Similar the 2014 M-880i went in got a replacement but it was a 2016 M-888i and it required a Firmware Update was eating Batteries. The 2015 M-990i Gen Two Weak Flash, and provides a Useless Thumbnail image to small and no in a known format which to even view though extreme small it just a waste of SD Card Space and the Both Mode does not pair up the Pic with the Video, it is pics several then several vid's. Another worthless feature. The Best I have had and still working never went in for any warranty issues was the 2013 M-990i which the 2014 is not the Same Camera. Appears since they were bought out in 2014 things have gone down hill as to Quality. Even their 2016 13050 940i Flash Extender tried 3 so far and None have Worked the flash never Restarts after the Initial 10 Seconds on Low and Vid Mode, on High Flash it is very intermitted once out of maybe 10 videos it might restart if it does, other times it might not start Initially but might start 8 to 10 seconds after the camera is going and one time it did work as it should but that was the 3rd one I have got 2 were replacements but to "Conserve" Batteries as what the "Low" is to do but does not work and I have tried it with 4 Cams 3 Moultries and 1 other Brand 2 were brand new cams and what I got was it has a Weak Flash from this Moultrie Expert yet it is to Work with any brand Game Camera... So again won't buy another Moultrie Product too much in return Shipping and being without a Game Camera is not worth buying any more and the Expert has no idea what he is posting as to what to try never suggest trying the flash in High Mode never suggested that or that my 2014 replacement, the M-888i has a 2 year warranty when it does not you don't get any Extended Warranty but the one your Original Cam had and being it was a 2014 M-880i the warranty was only good for 1 Year and their Expert stated I could return being it has a "2 year" and I explain in my Thread, it was a Replacement for the 2014! So This Forum is and was started for their Mobile Game Camera and lacks any knowledge and after providing the return flash extender serial numbers you would have thought they would have searched them out and "Tested" them and responded but never seen anything as to what the Found!
    So as to Good they have not made anything good in Years!!! An having several and warranties replacements that have a new issue, they aren't even testing random samples of what they get from their manufacturer from China. All the Replacement M-1100i have a total whiteouts at Transition Times which my original 2 never had! And is important when deer are coming in!!

    Just my Experience and all the $ in returns to get a New one that has a new or the same problem is no longer worth giving any more Money to Moultrie! And they CS has dropped off maybe because they get too many contacting them with too many issues with their Products which back in 2013 you would get an email direct from someone and you could email them directly back and get assistance now it is a generic and you never get the same CS Person that has your history... Just sent in another M-1100i being if also defaults to Picture mode when it starts in Video with new batteries and a new SD Card!!!

    Disappointing when they once "Had" Good Products back in "2013"!!!

  • The old m80's had the best pic quality of any moultries minus the motion blur, but the sensor missed pics. I like my 888 after a couple returns to get one that worked. Have been very pleased with the sensor and lack of blur. Like the new White Flash, but have one that has to be sent in at the end of season because of grainy night pics. They all take the pink, static, distorted pics at night when the mp's are turned up. I say bring back the m80 with the 888 sensor and tweak the new White Flash.

  • Sodbuster: "... tweak the new White Flash." I agree. I just returned the two I have had for just 5 days. They are close, but still need more development to get the bugs out (pink, green filtered, red lined, and multiple pics etc). Otherwise day and some night pics were excellent on one camera. 2nd just did never work correctly at night.

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