Moultrie Mobile Helpful Tips

  1. Read your owner’s manual- Make sure you understand how the equipment operates and get familiar with the equipment.

  2. Update your camera Firmware – Make sure your camera has the correct version of firmware. You can obtain firmware by going to Hover over Customer Service, then click on Firmware FAQ. Follow the instructions to upgrade your firmware.

  3. Use the correct SD card – Do not use high speed or micro cards in the camera. We recommend using 8GB or smaller when using the modem. Keeping fewer images on the card will help speed up upload time and conserve batteries. Stealth, Wild Game, PNY and off brand SD cards have been known to be troublesome in our cameras. We recommend Moultrie, Kingston, Lexar or San Disc Standard SDHC cards. Any cards labeled Ultra, Ultimate, Premium, Max flash, Pro are not acceptable cards for the cameras.

  4. Format the SD card – to format an SD card simply erase it from the camera. You should do this every time prior to using a card in the camera. This is recommended even if the card is brand new. The modem can have trouble pulling images off the SD card if the card is not formatted to the camera.

  5. Use correct batteries – For the best performance use Energizer Standard alkaline or Lithium batteries. Power conserving batteries, rechargeable, or discount batteries are not recommended.

  6. Do not use a security code- Putting a security code on your camera will lock your modem out. It cannot pull images off the camera if the camera is locked.

  7. First Time Connection- It is recommended to do this from your home or a location where the Verizon signal is strong. You will need to go through the provisioning process 2-3 times for the first time activation.

  8. Check your signal coverage via the Verizon Signal map, the modem needs to display at least two green bars for the modem to work consistently.

  9. Position the camera correctly- 3 to 4 feet off the ground, facing north or south, remove any brush, tall grass or obscuring objects from in front of the camera.

  10. Do not leave your camera behind before doing these tips. Do not leave your camera behind if you are not sure it’s working properly.



  • I wonder if a You Tube video would be helpful for customers. Maybe a link to the video listed on the website.
  • @UTGrad said:
    I wonder if a You Tube video would be helpful for customers. Maybe a link to the video listed on the website.

    Good idea - one the team has identified as well. Stay tuned...

  • I have a pass code on my camera and it works fine with the modem.

  • So I set up my camera and modem yesterday and am wondering if I did something wrong. I set it up at my house and it seemed to work fine. Next day went to my woods. Set the camera and modem up. stood in front of the camera and had it take a couple pics. I hit the test button on the modem and it connected to the camera and the server and a minute or two later I got a notification that I had new pictures and sure enough the pics came through. So I left. And since then I haven't had any notifications it's only been about 26 hours but I was expecting there to be new pictures. I know I have deer there because the camera I had there before showed deer every day. I'm wondering if I did something wrong. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • @Jriedy85 Give our CS department a call and we'll take a glance at your account on the back-end, see what might be going on.

  • Just wanted to say that I learned the hard way that putting a security code on my camera stop pictures coming ,including notifications. I have found out that we have been having treaspassers on our hunting land with other cameras,so we set up a main code for all cameras in case of theft, including my modem set up. After 4 days of nothing I knew something was wrong read the manual and never seen anything about do not apply a security code. I then went to the forums and blam as soon as I read this Moultrie tips #6 it registered I knew my problem drove back to woods next day removed code and back in business again. Thank you Moultrie_chic

  • Same experience here but the trespassers are also thieves. Thought I was being careful putting a code on my camera but the Moultrie Team informed me that would block all access, including access by the modem. In rereading the manual for my 999i it made me think Moultrie could benefit from the services of a professional technical writer (me) who also has a great deal of experience with usability testing (also me) :D .

  • About a month ago I purchased the moultrie M888i with moultrie mobile set up, and i have notice a few things and just wondering if anybody had the same problem. First i have notice i will recieve some pics in the same sequence of shots that turn white, i notice the flash will turn on for some pictures and not for others. My next question is I have my setting with 3 triggered pics and am wondering the this is causing the pics to not be as clear as they should. I have notice the clarity of the pictures isnt as good as some of my cheaper camera's i have with lower megapixels. Does any one have any suggestion on camera setting's or maybe even camera placement. Anything would help.

  • I have had the same experience with my 999i. At dusk, I get some pics that are nearly black. I've seen the "white" pictures as well, but they will appear correctly on the app later. I observed the blurry pictures and when compared directly to my older Moultrie cameras, the clarity on the older cameras is better even though they are much lower megapixels. I have tried the High and Enhanced settings on my camera and even when I request a high resolution image the clarity is not noticeably better.
    I'm working directly with the Moultrie team to try to resolve the issues. They have been very responsive and are providing good customer service.

  • Thank you for the update. I am just glad something is wrong with the camera and its not just me. I have also tried the High resolution to see if it was anybody and like you have not noticed a difference.

  • I want to carefully clarify what I said for the sake of the Moultrie Team. I did not say there is something wrong with my camera. I'm simply stating that I have noticed the same behaviors you mentioned and that I am working with the Moultrie Team to resolve what I am seeing.

  • Yep i got that i miss type and meant im glad there isnt something wrong with my camera but thank you for clarify lol

  • @otarcher Have you tried pulling the SD card on your camera and checking the pics directly on a computer?
  • No. The reason I bought the remote setup is that my land is 128 miles from where I live. I am going to the land tomorrow to pull the camera down and try another one (A20i) I just purchased. I'll take a look at the pics directly from the card and get back to you.

  • @otarcher the reason I ask is the image quality via Moultrie Mobile for me is not as clear as pics directly from the SD card. The hi res photos are better but sometimes not as good as the SD card images.
  • These are 3 images I pulled directly from the card this evening. I sent them to Moultrie

    _Ninjaneer when I was working with him on camera lens cleaning.

  • Can someone explain tags and how it works please.
  • What is the proper procedure for start up as soon as I plug in theusb the screen goes blank and what is time lapse start and stop

  • Here is a helpful hint for everyone that is on the fence about Moultrie Mobile. I have been using one now for about 3 weeks and all I can say is that this has got to be the best purchase I've made since my first camera. This thing not only performs better than I had expected, but is also extremely addictive and highly informative. I receive my pics within a minute of the camera taking the shot. How can you argue with that! Not only does this show you up to the minute pics of the deer in your land, but it also (IMO) brings more deer in by not having to run out to my cams and check battery levels, pull sd cards, or even question if my feeders are still throwing corn. I can see it all right from my phone. As far as I'm concerned, this is priceless. I could go on and on, but in short Moultrie hit a home run with this modem. Thanks for creating such an awesome device! I love it! Anyways, back to my point of this article. If you are debating whether or not to pull the trigger on a mobile modem for yourself, stop debating and just make it happen. You won't be disappointed. Thanks again Moultrie.
  • I like the modem My cam is 888I I have a 9991 and an1100. It took quite a bit of trail and error before it started working properly, but the final issue was the security code was blocking access to the camera. I think that needs a fix. when your hunting land is 165 miles away and in a remote location it adds a little peace of mind if not deterring the would be thief. I'm sure the security boxes with the python locks helps. The Manual explaining in better details what some of the options actually do. Like Time and temp range.
    Data down load limits email notifications. What if you want to turn off the modem for a while but not suspend. if you remove modem from the online inter face, can you re install it without starting a new data plan? Still a lot of unanswered hit or miss questions. I can just about bet you that when the modem is connected it over rides the internal display on the 999.

  • @Moultrie_Girl

    With regard to #3, page 4 of the M-999i manual states:
    Accepts up to a 32GB SD card (Class 10) for photo and video storage.
    NOTE: **A Class 10 SD card must be installed for the camera to operate **(sold separately).

    Class 10 is considered high speed ( >= 10 mb/s)

    Will the camera operate using an SD card less than Class 10?

  • @cgkenney The camera should operate with anything class 4 or higher, but class 10 is most definitely the recommended and best performing card in regards to the camera.

  • @cgkenney Ninjaneer is absolutely right. We recommend class 10 SD cards, but your camera will operate with class 4 or higher. Let us know if you have any other questions

  • what is this "provisioning Process". purchased my plan and activated modem. Said message will be sent to set-up modem or something. yet never received a message? How do i know my modem is set up correctly. placed it in field yesterday

  • @jhouk24 What is the name on your account?

  • Afternoon,

    I was able to request Hi-Res back in April, but unable to since then. Tried it several different times on several different pictures. Also tried in IE as well as Chrome. The camera and modem seem to be working fine otherwise, received pictures this morning. I have mine set to upload immediately. Any thoughts? Is this a local camera setting overriding the web settings?

    Also, how long before switching from "Motion" to "TImelapse" or from "Motion" to "Motion and Timelapse" would you expect the change to start generating Timelapse pictures?


  • Unless Moultrie has done an upgrade to address this, your camera won't change from "Motion" to "Timelapse" until something triggers your camera.

  • @psucmu What is the name on your account and we will look into the hi-res issue that you are having.

    Also, to make changes from your dashboard in Moultrie Mobile to your camera, your camera has to be in Custom Start mode. If your camera is in custom start mode and you change settings, they will not kick in until your modem checks in again. So, this will happen when something activates your modem (if you have it set to immediate upload), or when it checks in if you have it on once a day or twice a day.

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