M-990 Gen 2 not working in quick start mode

My M-990 stopped working in quick start mode. works fine in custom mode. After changing batteries it asked if I wanted to take a test pic? I selected yes...it then locks up with the 5 on the screen. when I slide into quick start the unit just goes black and no 30 second count down. If I put it in custom mode it takes test pic. them it goes into the 30 second count down. why wont it work in quick start. otherwise its fine in custom mode. Software issue?


  • That's pretty strange; the two modes are fairly closely related so i'm not sure what would cause one to work fine but not the other one. Have you made sure that the firmware is up to date on the camera? If it is, and it's still giving you problems, I would call CS because there might be an underlying issue - they should be able to walk you through some troubleshooting and hopefully figure out what the problem is.

  • thanks it is odd to me. have sent a email to tech support waiting on a answer

  • I finally received a email from Tech support about a week later. By that time I had done a lot of hunting on other sites and found the solution. Reset back to factory default, new batteries, reformat card. Note: was told not to use DURACELL plus, not good for the camera? In the manual its says to use Energizer or DURACELL? Set the cam back out last weekend and was happy to see pics today when I switched cards. The Tech Support was accurate but not very timely.

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