M40 i Camera Problems

Is anyone else having problems with the M40i camera? First of all, I have been using game cameras for a long time. This is not my first rodeo. I have had success with Moultrie cameras in the past and decided to purchase 6 M40i cameras. I have had issues from the start. I set these cameras up, they take pics of me leaving the field, then never wake up until I return to check. I have tried custom settings which I prefer, quick start mode, and suggestions from customer service like changing from Duracell to energizer batteries, which seems absurd, but I did it anyway. I even set these cameras up on my driveway to test them and they still won't work. A customer rep told me maybe I should let the engine on my truck warm up and it may take the pics because they are heat sensitive. OMH. Now they are suggesting that the SD cards I am using, one which came from Moultrie, is not compatible with these cameras,. I am using4GB standard performance cards from Walmart. I will change the cards, but do not think it will solve the problem as the cards work in every other camera I own. Is anyone else having issues????



  • After a lot of wasted time spent changing settings, batteries, SD cards (as assumed my cards were fine) actually the recommended 4-8GB SD HC, reformatting cards ect, ect, and having my intelligence questioned, I give up. While it is difficult, I can accept that I have made a bad decision and wasted my money. What really pisses me off is the time I have lost trying to get these cameras to work, 30 minutes at a time on hold, and still no pictures to review for planning my hunts. I enjoy the pics and recon almost as much as hunting. Very disappointed. I understand that sometimes all is not perfect and you get a defective product sometimes. Zero out of the six M40i cameras I bought work right. Anyone from Moultrie care to respond ???

  • That's a head scratcher Bucktown. You are not flipping the switch to aim after you set it are you? For some reason the manual says to do that. I use SanDisk 8gb/class 10 and 4gb/class 4 cards in my cams, but my old 2gb cards seem to work just fine also. Hard to imagine all 6 are defective. Where did you buy them at?

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    No its not in the aim position. It takes pictures immediately after the initial set up. Once it goes into "sleep mode", it will not come back up to take pics. These were purchased from reputable local retailer where I purchase a lot of my sporting goods.

  • Update. Brought all 6 M40i cameras back from the field. Made sure they all had fresh energizer batteries and a proper SD card. Re programmed or checked all settings which were all fine. Set these 6 cameras up on my driveway in custom set up mode. All cameras took my picture walking away from set up. 2 cameras functioned properly for a couple of hours. All 6 cameras shut down after a couple of hours with no photos and none took my picture 16 hours later when I went to pull the cards and check and I walked back and forth for 5 minutes trying to trigger them. Repeated the test in quick start mode and had the exact same result. Buyer Beware!

  • Update. After discussing the problem with the store manager where I purchased the cameras, she contacted the distributor. I received a call from a Moultrie rep. They told me my SD cards were bad and recommended I use different ones, so I did it. They also said I had formatted the cards wrong by using my laptop and I should always delete or clear the cards in the camera. This process would reformat the cards and all my problems should be solved,so I did that too. I am sorry to report that I have now wasted more time and money trying to get these cameras to work properly. I give up. I will report back on the results I get on the return and for their sake I hope they treat me right.

  • I have had the exact same issues with my camera as you've described. And I too have not removed that theft strip, so I'm excited to give that a try tonight. Will post an update if it solves my issue too. Either way thanks for your posts because at least i have something to try now
  • Camera started taking pictures after removal, at least the display shows it is. Didn't pull the card. I believe problem solved.
  • Ditto to all the issues above with the 5 cameras I purchased. Will try and pull that anti theft strip out and give it a try. Just pisses me off the trips to the field and back over the last 6 weeks. Many many hours wasted not to mention the smart ass customer service representative emails with all the suggestions with changing SD cards, batteries, etc full well knowing all the complaints to the like of all you that have commented. Think of all the people that got disgusted and gave up trying to deal with Moultrie customer service or lack there of. If pulling that strip out does work I still just may return mine for the crappy customer service. There certainly will never be a Moultrie camera or feeder on one of my properties again!
  • I agree. I lost countless days with no photos in areas I was scouting. VERY frustrating.

  • I can finally confirm removing that theft strip did the trick and all five cameras working now. Excellent daytime photos but less than desired night time photos. Thank you Bucktown for posting that for I was getting nowhere with Moultrie customer service which must have been a frustrating problem for them. With that said I stil rate the two I worked with as very poor and as stated previous will not purchase Moultrie product again!
  • Sounds like I've been having the same problem. I get about 15 photos of me around the camera, but not much else. I've only had the camera out in the field for a few weeks now, but with snow on the ground. I now know I'm definitely missing photos. Just removed to security strip. I have the camera at home and will see how it works. I'll let you know if it fixes things up.
  • So I removed the security stick. Tries it for a couple days and it looks like the problem is solved. Of course it cost me scouting time and money out in the field. Thanks Bucktown!! DEAR MOULTRIE PLEASE PUT YOUR SECURITY STICKER IN A DIFFERENT LOCATION!!
  • > @Bucktown said:
    > Update. I want to help whoever else is having the same problem as I was with these cameras. After sleeping on it, I remembered one thing the moultrie rep said during our conversation referring to the electronic theft strip inside the camera. They said while it had not been tested, that strip could be the problem. It is a white rectangular strip stuck on the inside of the door of my cameras. Not sure how it works or what it does. I never thought to remove it because I am sure some of my other working cameras have them still intact and they are not real easy to remove leading me to believe they are meant to stay. Somehow this strip is interfering with this camera manually by pushing the buttons in when the camera door is shut or electronically. I had to use needle nose pliers to get them off. Bottom line, all 6 cameras have worked identically and flawlessly after this strip was removed. It was not the SD cards or the batteries. It doesn't help me recover the in field camera days I have lost but at least I think I solved the problem. I hope by documenting this it helps someone else.

    I was ready to throw this camera in the lake. I had all the problems described. I even drove by the camera in my truck and it did not detect me. After reading this post I removed the anti-theft strip. All the problems are gone. The camera is working perfectly now and I am getting the pictures I am supposed to. Over half the season was lost due to the camera not working properly. Thank you to the original poster!
  • I am having the same problem. Just removed the anti-theft strip and have them (2) set up watching the kitchen. Will let them run for a few hours. I hope this solves the problem. The time lapse feature wouldn’t even work to this point.

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  • I had the same issues, new piece of property, hung a camera to check and see what was on the property and no pics of anything but me either leaving or returning a week later. customer service said to remove the strip and i did. I set it up on the barn post and intentionally walked past at different times over a day and a half at different distances and actually have more pics that ive gotten in two months. Appears to have solved the problem so back to the field it goes...

  • I removed the strip and still only getting detection out to about 25 feet max. Now I've got sticky stuff that I hope doesn't make returning it impossible. I do have the 32GB Class 10 "Ultra Plus" card. They say "Ultra" not recommended but do you really think that could make a difference? I'm going to be upset if I go spend more money on a card and nothing! Maybe I should do a hard reset first? My setting is Motion Detect, 10-second delay, 3 Triggered, 8MP. I think I need to step away from it for today. Too much frustration.

  • Well I couldn't leave it alone. Reset EVERYTHING and used a standard SD Card. Motion detect, no delay, 1 shot. Still nothing past 20-25'. It's going back. Glad I tested out the camera before I got involved in the modem and paid for a data plan!!

  • In response to Bucktowns post. I have that same strip in my cam. door but I never had any problems yet. However I'm going to remove it anyway just to be safe. I noticed if the store would only put the strip higher inside the door it would close over the display screen and not the buttons and would not be a problem. Going to call Bass Pro where I got it and tell them that....but you know as well as I do the info won't get to the right person that puts in the anti theft strips.

  • Just came back from BassPro and told them about this...however like a dummy I never thought it thru. They told me Moultrie is the one that puts that sticker on them.
    ....and now looking back I see Kootenaydude already told Moultrie to change it, so my job is done....

  • Thank you! I just bought 2 of these cameras and I have been trying to figure this out for 2 weeks.

  • I have three M-880 (Gen 2) cameras - two work fine - one takes the initial pictures when you turn it on, then goes to sleep and doesn't wake up - I've spent 10s of hours trying to resolved the issue - called Moultrie twice, getting the same story about batteries and SD cards - and nothing works - of course the camera is 16 months old and no longer under repair - I was excited to try removing the security sticker but that didn't work either (totally frustrated). I guess I'll have to trash the camera and buy a different brand

  • The above comments have been very helpful. Unfortunately, our camera is still not working. The first thing we did was remove the magnetic tape when we unpacked the camera- so that didn't help. Bought a new SD card, changed the batteries. We've had the camera two weeks. Tired of spending all our time trying to make it work. Frustrated as well.

  • @Movan Give our customer service team a call and will troubleshoot with you. If we can't get it working, we will replace the camera for you. We will get you taken care of! 1-800-653-3334

  • @Moultrie_Queen I have a M-40i that went to sleep... And did not wake up.. 4 pix of me after I set it and nothing after a month+ in the field... It reads "CARD LOCKED".... It is not.. Tried 4 different cards.. So, things happen, I get that.. Anyway.. I called 1-800-653-3334 at 4:40pm Eastern which is 3:40pm Central and got a recording saying the office was closed and please call back between 8am and 4pm Central... Tell me... Is 3:40pm BEFORE 4pm?? Just curious..

  • @Traps82 I called this week to inquire about an online order and there was a pretty extensive hold time. It appears they're getting slammed with calls. Obviously this is the height of deer season prep with cameras, feeders ect.

    The other thing I'll throw out since I have worked in a similar environment. Call centers will shut down sometimes for staff meetings. Since most all employees are hourly, they're not going to pay OT for a staff meeting so they have to shut phones down during regular hours. Not saying that's exactly what happened yesterday, just throwing that out as a possibility.

    As for your issue, that is certainly a weird one. You may try taking the batteries out, turning the camera on and then pressing the buttons repeatedly to drain all of the juice, then reinstall the batteries and try again. That may 'reset' it if you will and correct it. Worth a shot and it won't cost you anything to try.

  • Oh, I worked in one of those call centers too, I know the issues. And the meetings... ugggh. There should be an ROL stating the issue, not "We are closed". As far as hold time.. I can wait. I never take my "frustration" out on the call taker.. As I have been there too.

    Thanks for the suggestion... No dice :)

  • When I've had a cam that wants to read card locked, I will take the card out and put it back in while it's on saying card locked. It will then read the card properly. Might give it a try.

  • I just stumbled across this forum after having 2 new M-40i cameras in the field for 2 weeks with no pics. I hope to hell it is, in fact, the security strip on the inside of both cameras. I use lithium Energizers and good SD cards. I will be on my way out to the farm after work to remove those strips. Funny thing is I looked at those strips yesterday, and I had a thought that maybe it was the magnet that was giving me issues. I wish I would have just removed the dang things then. I will follow up on my results later in the week.

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