Not getting pics

Spike this morning ate 20 mins in front of camera, 1 pic after he turned and walked close. Deer all over camera now 3 or 4 pics. Been there 30 nins.


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    Son above plot camera on tree to left. He says one licked the modem. LOL licked and no pic.

  • 45 mins of deer less than 20 and 4 pics. I guess its got issues. And I am missing deer.

  • Sunday 2:00 Pm EST. Yo stuff ain't workin. Can't get into edit settings after I've driven home. And my info strip disappeared. Deer could be licking camera and modem again.

  • Dashboard is back. Info is back. Maybe if a big one comes thru I'll see it. :#

  • Maybe Deer Saliva is actually a giant signal blocker?

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    Camera top of plot that evening, tree to left.
    Camera at bottom of plot in tree furthest right that morning. Spike right in front.

    My saliva was flying from cussing after I realized the pics I've missed. lol I got a liberal camera. Part time pics wanting full time pay. hahaha

    I ordered another hi res last night and didn't get that either. If I take a pic of me praying in front of the camera maybe it will come through. :D

  • I think there may be some kind of transmission issues going on. I'm still getting pics but not as many as I feel like I should. I'll confirm that next week when I get to pull the card.

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    I think my problem is the camera isn't waking up. I should have checked the card, before reformatting it. I wondered why there were few deer in my plot as good as it looked. The other one is 250 yards away and had 9 deer in it last Sunday evening. My son was on the plot watching everything, I was 100 yards back in a tower watching. While I was starting this thread, he texted and said one deer put it's nose on the camera and modem. I had 4 deer in plot Thurs. evening and they just vanished. No pics of them leaving. I was suspicious then. Then witnessed it all firsthand. The data usage seems normal from whats come in I guess. I have requested quite a few hi res that never showed up. On the other hand, it sometimes picks up deer over 150 ft out.

  • Like you, my cousin watched 10 does cross in front of the camera this week.

    I'm thinking my issues might be my camera rather than the modem. I have a M999i and of all the Moultrie cameras I've owned, it's the one I'm least impressed with. If I find that the card has all of the pics that are on the system, then I'm going to swap out cameras.

  • I've got 5 deer out there now. Got pics coming in. 10 pics in 25 mins with a buck aggravating them. 3 triggered with 10 second delay. I figured there would be more in that much time and deer moving around. But, once again, my hi res didn't show up.

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    It picked this up at 130 ft or so. That part is good. lol I requested hi res, no luck. Blue heron maybe.

  • Another buck at 15 yards and I can't tell anything about it. He was at 10 or less when he first walked across. But, I have only one pic on 3 triggered for some reason. I never get 3 continuous pics of motion. But, hey at least I got a hi res that I can't tell any difference on.

  • Maybe they should rename the S50i the Predator Cam. The night pics just blend into the damn grass. :D Or maybe the Long Range Bomber. Catches motion in the next county, but can't take 3 triggered.

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    Another weekend of deer, make that multiple deer, standing right in front of the camera at 15 yards and no pics. Yesterday and right now. Why am I paying for 2500 pics lol. Moultrie people you are more than welcome to contact me.

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    It's judgement day. Automated email replies from the chat button on the web page isn't sufficient.

  • Where did the Moultrie folks go, deer hunting? :D

  • If I order a hi res 2 or 3 times I may get one every now and then.

  • @RocklockHunter said:
    I think there may be some kind of transmission issues going on. I'm still getting pics but not as many as I feel like I should. I'll confirm that next week when I get to pull the card.

    I just got back from my trip. I pulled the card and everything that was on the card was online. Apparently all the deer moved out....

  • Probably check mine this weekend. Didn't take card reader yesterday morning. 8 deer in front but no transmissions. Figure out if its the camera or modem. Worked yesterday evening.

  • My hi res seem to be coming in fine. Did all of the Moultrie folks quit their own forum or what?

  • @jk0069 @donejones @RocklockHunter

    We want to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. The quickest way to do that is to first visit the FAQ section on this website. Our archive covers a range of subjects, including the ones most commonly experienced by customers, which makes it a good first step in finding the solution you need.

    If an immediate response isn’t necessary, Moultrie recommends using our Contact Us form at Our service representatives are experienced, knowledgeable, and professional, but you should expect a reply to take 1-2 business days.

    When faster resolution is needed, call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-653-3334 to speak to one of our representatives. Your patience is appreciated, as our service representatives strive to provide every customer with the attention they deserve.

    As far as something specific going on with your account, you will need to call customer service as well. We are not currently experiencing any transmission issues across the board. Please let us know when you check your card and give us a call if all of your photos havent been sent.

  • Thank you @Moultrie_Queen . We get confused as to where to go for help sometimes. Mental facility would be a start for me. Over the last 16 months or so, a lot of it came from here on the forum when Mr NInjaneer was always here. I think his witty self left us here to die a slow death and got a promotion or something. :D When things got busy for y'all, we called in too. Then the wait times got too long for my intelligence. I tried the button that now says help. It said Chat for a few minutes lol. I was feeling chatty and tried it. Tell Katherine thanks for the help, I appreciated it. The only thing I ever had patience for was a turkey. lol When I'm not running through the woods cussing them. But, I'm honing my electronics patience as well. Thanks for putting up with me.

  • @donejones completely understand the frustration! We know wait times have been an issue, but I can personally reassure you our customer service team is answering the phones as quickly as they can. Most of our team does not even take a lunch break these days, just to make sure we get to help our customers. We all know that some hunters (myself included) can get a little chatty, which also keeps us on the phone for extended periods of times. Unfortunately, Ninjaneer is no longer with Moultrie, but is still a very good friend of ours, so when he pops in to answer questions, he is doing it because he sincerely cares about the experience for our customers.

  • I agree. I called in today and got through quick. I appreciate the effort you all put in. I was kidding about Ninjaneer. He informed us as soon as we were running around like lost sheep. lol

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