Too many photos--nothing to see!

I find the Moultrie A30 takes good quality photos. Occasionally we capture wildlife. Mostly there are frequent shots of nothing but the trail. I typically view 1000 photos to find 10 images of wildlife. Do I have a setting incorrectly selected?


  • I have an A30 and have not had an issue with false triggers, except for a few in the evening when I had it facing west into the sun. Even then it would be less than 10 pics. Are the empty pics throughout the day and are there any at night? Could be grass or limbs moving causing false triggers, or even the sun. If you could post one of your empty pics we might be able to help you figure out the cause.

  • Mostly mid day. I thought of branches nearby, and there are, but i did not consider them close enough to trigger photo. maybe i am wrong. A typical empty pic is attached. Than
    ks for the help!

  • Just checked the camera today. I reset it less than 24 hours ago. It took 245 images just like the one depicted above in less than 24 hours. No wildlife. Could the slight movement of the prairie grass cause it to take a photo? Appreciate the help!

  • If it was windy I could see the grass causing the cam to take pics, but I don't think that's the problem. I've had cams facing 7ft Johnson grass without a problem. I'm guessing it has something to do with the heat from the sun hitting the path causing it to take unwanted pics. I would try moving the cam to the side of the path and see if that helps. The tree in the background in the center of the pic that looks like it's angled towards the path looks like a good place. I would mount the cam about 6ft high and it should be angled downward looking at the path on that tree. Might need to put a little stick behind it to get it just right. Cameras struggle with detecting animals if the subject is approaching head on or walking straight away from the cam. I really like the runway you have created there, every animal should use it. Maybe Monday someone from Moultrie will give their thoughts on it.

  • Thanks, Sodbuster! I will try your suggestion. Interestingly no one from Moultrie as yet responded...

  • @bradmeyers

    These “False Triggers” are the result of placing the camera in an environment where there is potential motion, such as tree branches moving with the wind, leaves falling, moving water, or an area where there is high heat in the foreground. Tips to Resolve:

    1. Position your camera aiming north. Positioning your camera facing east or west gives it a greater chance of taking “False Trigger” photos due to the rising or setting sun passing through the frame.
    2. When covering a trail, position your scouting camera at a 45-degree angle to the trail. Doing this will allow your camera the greatest amount of time to trigger and capture the subject.
    3. Position your scouting camera approximately 15’-20’ from the intended photo area. To ensure that the subject is adequately lit during nighttime image/photo capture, be sure to place camera within the advertised flash range.
    4. Strap the camera to a Stout tree or camera stand positioned 24” to 36” off of the ground. Attaching your camera too low may result in pictures of squirrels and other small undesirable creatures. Attaching your camera too high has a greater risk of “False Triggers” from the tree swaying in the wind.

    It could be a simple of a fix as making sure you reformat the SD card or putting in a new set of batteries. If you still have problems, give our customer service team a call and we will help you get it resolved.

  • I emailed in several years ago about this same problem and at that time was told that just movement of grass would not set them off, it took heat plus movement. B.S???or what is correct. Are they thermal and movement sensitive or not?

  • The way it was described to me, (and someone at Moultrie can correct me) is to think of it as a grid with lines on the screen. When heat crosses one of those lines from one box to another, it triggers the shutter. So if you have a ray of light that is warming up the ground in a line and it crosses a couple of those grid lines, it will trigger the camera.

  • Is it possible that you have it set for time lapse instead of motion detect?

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