Problems with the motion sensor M-999i

Hello, I just bought 2 cameras M-999i (Certified Refurbished) model MRC-20042 and one of them has stopped working the motion sensor after three days. There is some solution that I can do to not have to send the camera to the technical service, I am from Spain and it is a problem of money and customs house and tariffs.

The sensor has returned to work this afternoon without doing anything. To test it I placed the camera at home and it has been blocked again and stopped working. What happen? Why is it blocked? I have another camera the same and it does not happen to him.


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    Don't know why the sensor would work then stop. I would try a different sd card, double check the settings to make sure it's set the same as your other cam. You can also check to see if it has the current firmware update. If none of that works then call customer service and see if they have a solution. Best of luck.

  • Thank you. I have changed the card and the batteries from one camera to the other and I use the same configuration, in one camera everything works fine and in the other no. At night, inside the house and with the light on, the camera started to work, the sensor had been unlocked, without turning off the camera I put it outside in darkness and it turned to block and stop taking pictures. Take the latest update, is a camera reconditioned by the house and is supposed to deliver it with all the problems solved. The problem is that I am Spanish and sending to the US and then back to Spain, in addition to the problems with customs, is that it costs me more money than buying another camera again. I am disappointed with the Moultrie 999i cameras, I have bought 3 and I am having problems with 2, one does not work well and the other makes the night images very badly. If I can solve the problems I think I will not buy this brand or recommend it to anyone, I have bought other cheap cameras and I have had no problems and now that I buy more quality cameras, in theory, I only have problems.

  • I've never bought a refurbished camera. It always made me nervous to try one since they only have a 60 or 90 day warranty. The problems you're having will keep me from buying any refurbs. Hope you have better luck with your future camera purchases.

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