A30/What happened to this buck


  • sad if he was! that's why you should not go for a head shot no matter how great a sniper shot you are, a slight chance of missing and blowing his mouth off, he starves to death! older gent told me that, when i said i was going to start shooting them in the head so they won't run. i got his point. my dad's 8 mm 98K German Mauser with iron sites dropped the first two i shot in their spot, but i think i got lucky and hit their spines? the other 2 i shot with my 7 mm wsm and scope ran a bit, first one ran a long way and thought i missed him...that's when i made the comment about a head shot!

  • I had a doe last year with the same thing... not sure the cause. I assumed a poor head shot by someone with small caliber rifle... never saw her again.
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