Extremely disappointed in CS

I've been using Moultrie cameras since the 35mm days, but will now have to rethink any future purchases. I have a brand new m40i, accidentally caught the door while moving a limb and broke the plastic off around the hinge pin. Contactacted CS about purchasing a replacement door and was told that they don't carry replacement parts and that I of course no longer have a warranty. CS was anything but friendly and was told the camera still works and to figure something out. Was not offered any type of solution other than that. The door is an extremely cheap easy fix, just pop one off a defective cam that's returned and I'll buy it, but sadly they don't do that. I checked into some of the other major camera companies and a replacement door is readily available for purchase at little cost. Sad that Moultrie would tell customers that a door with about 25 cents worth of plastic in it would make a $150 camera now worthless. Going to try a python lock to keep the hinge side snug against the camera, so the cam can still be used. I'm very disappointed in the attitude of the CS representative and the fact that Moultrie doesn't offer the simplest of replacement parts that other camera companies do. Hopefully this post will inspire some simple change at Moultrie to better serve it's loyal customers.


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    Maybe someone has a inoperable M40 they will send you. I guess every once in a while you may not come in contact with the right person. It happened to me once as well. But, I can't complain on all the times they helped me out. Duct tape probably works. Tape it up and keep on trucking. I imagine they won't sell you internal parts either. I'm sure someone will end up helping you out. If I knock the windshield out of my truck, and the dealership doesn't sell windshields. I'm still buying a Chevy. lol

  • @Sodbuster Can you send me a picture of the damage and your address? I'll take care of it.

  • See. I know things. One of those "wait for it" moments. Customer service is awesome.

  • @Moultrie_Ninjaneer said:
    @Sodbuster Can you send me a picture of the damage and your address? I'll take care of it.

    Appreciate the help and the work you do on the forum.

  • @donejones said:
    See. I know things. One of those "wait for it" moments. Customer service is awesome.

    Luckily we have Ninjaneer to recover the fumble. Being told to "just figure something out", doesn't set well. I would not expect internal parts to be available, but a door and a battery tray are simple replacements and I have no problem with them charging a fee for both.

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    Ninja dude is always helping us. I'm not sure of the company structure with Moultrie and Pradco, but everything on the forum end has been top notch. I had one call into customer service where it rubbed me the wrong way. I imagine if my job was listening to people complain all day long searching for help, anyone would eventually momentarily get cranky. There's no telling what they hear from some customers. I always pray i get Misty when I call in lol. I know if she wasn't pleasant, I've either messed up, or the worlds ending.
    If they sold all the parts, or gave them away, it would be hard to sell new cameras and actually be profitable and stay in business. So, I understand why they don't. We'd just keep rebuilding cameras. I've had some bad luck. I got tired of being ill about it. I have something sent in now. Waiting on it's arrival. I'm sure when it's said and done I'll be satisfied. It wont take away the aggravation in the field, but the right person has always put forth the effort to understand it, and compensate for it.

    All that being said, I'm not sending in my 2 remaining A5's(5 yrs old or so) for replacement. Got our moneys worth out of them. haha. I may sell you a door off one. lol. But, they are now going to be used as dummy cameras.

  • Thanks to @Moultrie_Ninjaneer I received a replacement door for my m40i this week and was able to get the cam back in rolling stock. Thanks again B)

  • Moultrie need to step up with their customer support. I'm a new customer, but my first contact with Moutrie CS was a negative experience. I wanted to buy a 12 volt battery, but they wouldn't tell me the specs of the expensive Moultrie branded one. Good grief! Who would buy such stuff without knowing the specs. I wouldn't buy a car without knowing anything about the engine or being able to compare it with other models and a battery is no different. Moultrie need to realise that there are some excellent brands of trail camera out there and the only difference between them is the customer support that comes with them, and bad reviews go a long way.

  • That's unfortunate you have had a bad experience.

    I wasn't present for the conversation but if you were asking for specifics on the "expensive Moultrie branded one" then it sounds like you're trying to match their specs so you can buy a 'cheaper' version. I don't know a lot of companies out there that will hand over proprietary information so you can go purchase a cheaper product elsewhere.

    If I'm off base, then I apologize. But the post and request seems a bit odd. Moultrie has some of the best CS in the industry and while it's certainly possible to have a bad experience, this seems out of character for them.

  • Yep, you're well off base. I wanted to do a lot of videoing, and hearing that the S-50i chewed through AA batteries I wanted to know the amp hour rating of the Moultrie branded 12 v battery so I could be assured I was going to get a battery that would last without constantly needing to be recharged, and the expense of a product is often no indication as to its quality, or lack of. There's nothing proprietary about the amp hour rating of a 12 v battery any more than there is for its 12 volt rating. Subsequently, when my camera failed to video for more than about 30 minutes over three nights, on a fully charged 12 volt/12 amp hour battery, which still held 12.8 volts after those three nights, CS (Joseph) just ignored my questions as I attempted to find out what the problem was. Very poor.

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