A30-i (walmart W30i)

I bought this trail camera a few weeks ago, went through the setup and it has never seemed to work. I use the Moultrie smartphone SD card reader to connect to the iPhone and I see nothing operational. Only seem to get pictures from the phone itself.I have changed batteries. I have never seen a pitch are ion it, have it currently set up on my from porch and facing the walk, should pick up us as we walk by.


  • Sure there is not an issue with the card reader, I have you tried viewing your sd card on a computer?

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    I have no way of doing that, that I know of.

  • In the camera menu, there should be a section that shows how many pics are on the card. For example "54/20000". If there's a number other than 0, then the camera is taking pictures.

    The other option is to take the SD card and put it in a Computer to check it that way. Those card readers can be tricky.

  • @Jayeffel when did you purchase your SD card reader? You have to download an app for the card reader to work. If you have not already downloaded the app, you will not be able to right now.

    The Moultrie SD Card Reader iOS App (I-Easy Drive) was recently pulled from the Apple App Store. Moultrie’s efforts to have the App reinstated have proven unsuccessful and we see no clear path moving this forward with Apple. Therefore, the decision has been made to update our SD Card Reader with new software that is compatible with an approved Apple App. We apologize for this unforeseen circumstance.

    We have two options for available to correct the situation. You can return the card reader to us to reinstall the new firmware onto the readers we estimate this process will take several weeks. You can also return to the store you purchased the SD card reader from for a refund. When you see new stock in stores it will have the new firmware to be compatible with the new app.

    As a reminder, Android users and those who downloaded the I-Easy Drive App Prior to July, 2018 will be unaffected.

    Return products to
    Attn Returns
    3280 HWY 31 Suite B
    Calera, AL 35040
    Please make sure to enclose the following information with your product:
    Full Name
    Non-PO Box Return Address
    Telephone Number
    Please Be Advised: It is recommended that you ship your package in a traceable manner. If we do not have a record of receiving your product, you will be asked to provide tracking details. Moultrie will not be responsible for any products that we do not have a record of receiving

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