Updating signal strength but not sending pics

Hey all I have 5 modems, 4 are working just fine but for my 5th, it had been working fine... I moved it, it sent pics for a few days and now it says last activity 8/7/2018 and hasn’t sent any pictures, but it will update the signal strength... anyone ever have this issue?


  • Sounds like the camera is not communicating with the modem... do you have a % displayed for the camera battery remaining or SD card memory used? If those are 0% or N/A, then best guess is that either the USB port on the camera is broken or the USB cable slipped out of the port or is a bad cable.

  • I agree with SwampDonkey87. Sounds like there is an issue with the camera vs. the modem. Could even be firmware on the camera.

    I had a set up that had been out for almost a year. Then, just stopped working. I updated the firmware and it went right back to working again.

  • Signal is fictional probably. It can't change or read it if it doesn't check in. I had one not check in for 5 days once, then it magically checked in with pics. My signal is fluctuating from 10% to 88% in this heat, but I'm getting all the pics.

  • Yes it shows data use, battery life, memory card space etc, does not show I need a firmware update. Took pics for a week after moving it and magically stopped, it’s happened before with other modems but not usually a week of no pics... only a day or two. hopefully it kicks back into gear.
  • I found it odd that it will change the signal strength, this morning it’s 29%
  • So on my phone Ap, it says no activity since 8/7/2018, but if I log onto my laptop it says last activity 8/12/2018 1136am (today, and the correct or normal time for that modem to check in) but no pics since 8/7/2018. Weird.
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