M40i and SD Cards

I have figured out how to program my M40i to take pictures and vdeo. It worked great in the backyard and I had a 4gb sd card in it. Fantastic pictures and video.......I am very pleased so far. I set it out in the woods Saturday with the same settings and a larger SanDisk Ultra Plus Class 10 32gb sd card . Checked it Sunday and while it did take some great photos there was no video. The only thing different is the larger sd card. I am wondering if the sd card is the problem. Does the camera format these cards when they are inserted into the camera? What brand sd cards are folks using that you have had good success with and that you may recommend?


  • It's recommended to format the card in the camera to ensure that it works properly. I can't remember the screen option off the top of my head but it's one of the options in the menu.

    I searched the forum as I remember @Moultrie_Queen commenting on this before. This is what she said:

    "Most Moultrie Cameras support up to a 32CB SD card from Class 4 to Class 10. Class 10 cards are recommended for higher performance cameras, particularly when capturing higher resolution photos and HD video. SD and SD HC cards are recommended. Do NOT use SDXC cards, or cards designated as “turbo”, “ultra”, or “super speed”, as the speed required by these cards to operate may cause instability in the cameras."

  • Thanks RocklockHunter. I see I need to get different cards already. I looked in the manual for the M40i and did not see an option to format the cards in the camera. Looking at the FAQ's on this site it does say to format them in the computer. Guess I will buy a couple new non-ultra cards and format them in my laptop. Be a good reason to go check the trail cam tonight!

  • @katahdin Good deal. I've done both, format in the camera as well as the computer. I've never really had any issues either way but I do know others that have.

    Technology is fickle... Seems like one little thing can derail it from working correctly, from phones to computers, to trail cameras.

    FYI, I have 2 of those M40is and they are good cameras. Remember to take the magnetic strip off of the inside of the door to the camera. There have been reports of that strip touching the buttons and causing erratic results. I just went ahead and removed them prior to using mine just in case.

  • Thanks for the tip. They take great pictures and video.

  • After checking my camera last night and preparing to swap out the sd card to a non Ultra type card - I viewed the Ultra Plus sd card from my M40i in my laptop and found that there were indeed videos on the sd card. It appears that the Stealth Cam sd card reader I purchased cannot read the Moutrie format for videos. No wonder I got such a good buy on it.

  • Glad you were able to track down the issue.

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