Flash too bright when focus is on close objects

I recently purchased the Moultrie Game Spy 2 camera, not for hunting game but for hunting whoever has been backing their car into my mailbox and almost destroying it.

I have also used the camera to find out what critters had been knocking things over and making a mess on my patio. Turns out... 3 raccoons, 1 ugly possum, a stray cat and one lone rat.

The camera picked up this flying insect (I think)... on the right, looks like a flying stick. Really odd looking for a bug, so thought I would post it. I think it might be a stick bug, but not sure. The flash made it appear white and you can't really tell what it is.

Anyway, my question is... is there any way to adjust the camera to cut down on the reflection from the flash... in order to make the picture come out clearer? Whenever something comes too close to the camera the pic turns out too bright due to the flash.


  • It's hard to answer you question without first diving into a bit of photography 101.

    A "flash" is nothing more than a quick burst of light in a direction. Most cameras (point and shoots, cell phones and trail cameras) do not have the ability to adjust the 'power' of the flash or the direction of the flash.

    Keep in mind, you could be taking a picture of an object at 2 feet or 20 feet. The amount of light required to adequately cover that object would vary. So most camera manufacturers set a default.

    The reason the object appears completely white has to do with the range of light that the camera sensor can absorb. When the object has too much light in comparison to the rest of the scene, the sensor can't cover that range and as a result the image comes out white. (commonly called "blown out")

    My suggestion is to place the camera back a bit from where you expect the subject to be. As long as you don't move it back too far, then you should still be able to view the image and even magnify the image in computer to see the details you need (such as a license plate)

  • Back when the M80 came out guys would put strips of window tinting over the led's to cut down the flash and the ability to see the red led's, might experiment with something like that and see if it helps your pics.

  • Ok, thanks guys. Much appreciated.

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