Circle appearing on images

I cannot find any support information on this but we have a circle appearing in every image. I’ve inspected the lens for a protective seal or something, but nothing is obvious. Any thoughts?


  • It's the new targeting system!

    Kidding, seriously though I would call customer service. Looks like there might be a micro drop of water between the lens and the image sensor or something (or otherwise a problem with the lens/sensor).

  • I submitted to support at the time of my post. Judging by other posts on this forum, it appears support is generally unresponsive. The circle has appeared for as long as long as we’ve had the camera; not quite a year. It never seems to change shape or position.
  • @fburnham Ever hear back from support on your issue?

  • Thanks for your continued interest. Support did reach out more than a week ago asking for the model of camera, but I haven’t heard back. Still no resolution to the issue. I was going to retrieve it after this weekend’s opener to dear season and I’ll give it another thorough inspection.

    It is obviously NOT a film or water or other fluid despite what the organic nature of circular shape suggests. The image is far to clear and there is no distortion around the perimeter of the circle where a foreign film or fluid would thin out causing light to refract differently.
  • You might be surprised. If the moisture is held between the lens and the actual Image sensor it would already be so thin as to not spread out.

    Take for example a 2 megapixel image sensor; the entire surface area of the sensor can be only a few mm in width/height, so even a near imperceptible spec of liquid could cause a significant size obstruction as your seeing.

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