Condensation on lense

Anyone have any tips for condensation on lense . Open cutover, temp is 38 currently, 6:13 am and fogged up as hell.


  • I've heard some people have good luck with putting no-fog on their lens but I think you run the risk of voiding your warranty and/or ruining the camera if the chemicals have a bad reaction with anything.

  • Short attention span answer:
    Tried stuff. Nothing I tried works.

    TMI answer, proceed at your own risk.
    I've got some experience but none that seems to solve the problem. Been having the same issue with external condensation over the lens forever. Tried rain-x, alcohol wipes, eyeglass antistatic wipes, windex, etc. Didn't seem to do any damage that I could see. I can find nothing that actually prevents the condensation. Even tried a rain cap over the whole camera - that actually seemed to make it last longer. I think it's the ole relative humidity/temperature dew point thing. The camera is just a half degree cooler than the water saturated air and your hosed until it warms/relative humidity drops just a bit and the condensate evaporates. From an entirely impractical engineering solution perspective... if someone wanted to develop a way to warm the camera lens cover at dusk and dawn.... I'd probably have to pay a lot more for my camera....I'm exhausted. I've been hanging around my wife too much lately.

  • The camera is a little less then a year old so I'm hoping it's not inside the lense. Happened just about all night into the morning.
  • When I finally started getting pictures that is 😉
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    I think it's internal moisture. Not sure about how well the camera case is sealed up. Seems to be on cool mornings the day after a rain. I set some 1 minute time lapse. 10 mins or so later it was about gone. No sun or temp change really outside. Not sure if any warmth is created by the batteries or electronics when its taking pics, but it appears so and clears up with a few pics. I'm on the same spot as last year and didn't really have any issue with the S50i. The M40i has done it a few times. Maybe just humidity and temp related. I don't really know.

    It cleared up by the 5th pic or so on a 5 min. time lapse.

  • The cases are generally sealed pretty well, but there has to remain some distance between the lens assembly and the image sensor, so what usually happens is it creates a small micro climate generalized around the imaging pieces. I know they've done a lot to the design to try and minimize that potential as much as possible, but there are still edge cases where the stars align just right to cause the outside climate and internal climate to cause friction against each other.

  • It's rained the last three days and Crystal clear pictures. It's not moisture getting in I don't believe.
  • Temps have been in the forties consistently
  • Question for you if you've had experience with this. When swapping batteries in modem..... Is it normal for modem to come back on once you reinsert the battery tray with fresh batteries without pressing test? Thanks in advance. I've sent this question to Ninja as well.
  • @dpekera This will depend on how long the battery tray is out. There is some residual capacitance inside the unit which keeps it in it's low power state for a sparse second or two when you remove the battery tray. If you drop the tray and immediately insert another one, it wouldn't be out of the norm for it (or any device, really) to not power back on immediately.

    If you leave it out for 10+ seconds though, it should definitely come back on when you plug it in.

  • It should have automatically come back on after having no batteries inserted for that amount of time.

  • I have only had that problem with my P-180i Moultrie panoramic. My M-880 and other camera have never had that problem. It does clear up after a few photos are taken tho?

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