Bad quality of Moultree Hinting Cam.

Now I've already broken the 2 Moultree camera. Both immediately after expiration of the warranty. The first one was counted towards me by my dealer, but the second one has already broken again after just two years. Devinitely I will not buy any more from Moultree !!


  • Setting aside for a minute that it took a bit to decipher your message (no fault of your own, more a lack of sleep on my part), how exactly did they break? The small powder charge they put in the cameras isn't supposed to go off until 2 months after the warranty expires, so immediately after points to something else going on.

    In all seriousness though I've got some Moultrie cameras that have been hanging on a tree for nigh on 5 years now and they are still rock solid, so I'd be curious to know what you mean when you say "Now I've already broken the 2 Moultree camera"

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