A35 Pics

What causes this? Night filter in the day is part of it I assume? Not sure on the pics being squished inward with it?


  • Hmmmm... What kind of camera is that? The pink is for sure the filter being out of place, but most commonly it's because it's the wrong aspect ratio - I.E. It's being shoved into a 4:3 aspect ratio as opposed to 16:9

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    It's an A35. Archie says its taken thousands of pics testing it. So, it beats me. It also came with a Moultrie card and wouldn't accept the firmware update when I bought it. My other A35 had no issues.

  • That's a strange one for sure. Like I said, the pink pictures we see occasionally (and they usually clear themselves up) but the squished is a new one for me. Even more baffling I think is that it looks like it sometimes doesn't squish them.

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    Here's another page of it. I have no idea how many were like that, but I got my son to send me a couple screen shots before he pulled it from the woods in March. The first pic above did show one pic in the middle of it with the info strip and all. Strange for sure.

  • The pic you show is with the IR cut filter stuck in the wrong position.

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