I've heard many stories of how ants get into cameras and destroy them. I've never experienced that first hand.. until last week. I opened up a M888 to swap out batteries and it rained ants.

This is another great example of why I'm a big fan of the split camera/modem model that Moultrie has over its competitors. Within a couple minutes, the cameras are swapped out and I'm back up and running. It's a huge selling point and I hope Moultrie continues to maintain this platform for the foreseeable future. It's sure saved me multiple times.

For what it's worth, upon cleaning out the M888, I was able to get it working again. It's amazing how much damage those little guys can do.


  • If its waterproof, how are ants getting in? I have had 20 deer ticks hiding in the cover, big wtf there. Spray perminthine on it and after a month all was good.

  • It's not water proof, but water resistant. Ants are pretty resourceful and can get into virtually anywhere that isn't fully sealed (and even some that are supposed to be 'fully' sealed). I'll admit that is one of the larger ant infestations I've actually seen though!

  • Water resistant, I agree. I have have water on the battery tray after rain sometimes. But for a ant to get thru, (unless in there before closeing the door) could only get in it thru the power port or the usb port not being covered or using a solar set up and not installing the battery tray. That being said, getting some ant killer or something that wont spook the critters is needed.

  • This happened to my Spypoint Evo Dark...which led me to my purchase of the XV7000 because Spypoint's service is both decent and awful a the same time. But alas, I still am without my $350 spypoint because the dang ants got into it AND they have failed to give me any status on my replacement/repair. Great timing... So - I'm hoping for a better experience w/ the xv7000 and Moultrie. Although reading this message board area today, I'm not so sure I should get my hopes up. Lesson learned here tho, stiffen up the weatherproofing regardless of brand.

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