dinner plate

has anyone had problems with the dinner plate? I bought the feeder new in august and since the deer have broken two of them off. I called customer service and the lady told me that they have never heard of this and that the warranty isn't cover due to animals breaking them.


  • both of mine broke when I snapped them place. Only thing I could think of was to take self tapping screws and drill the attachment onto the feeder. Working so far.

  • Mine broke from animals. I always rock my feeder legs and chain them to trees. Saying this to say its never been knocked over or fallen. Friend went to Cabelas and Academy to buy replacement and was told due to so many problems they no longer offer it. I plan to call Moultrie tomorrow and discuss. I have used their products for years. Hopefully they will offer warranty or upgrade to tube type feeder.
  • Raccoon hung on mine and broke mine. I drilled small holes and used long screws to fix mine.

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