"Traditions with Nick and Kelsey" a couple of frauds

These two hunters knowingly stole my friend's photos and they posted them as their own. I gave them permission to use a couple of my photos but they stole a couple more. They do not give photo-credits and deceive their Facebook and Instagram users that they are the ones making the images. I know Moultrie gave these two at least one free camera. These two also bait whitetail deer in North Dakota on state and federal lands which is illegal. Here's a couple of quotes from these two goofballs, "Oh..here's some advice for you. If you shoot a nice buck and it's getting close to dark, don't gut him out right away, just wait til morning until the sun comes up. Then you can get some good photos and then gut him out." I shook my head, "Where do you come up with this stupid crap?". Their response, "Oh...we watch a lot of whitetail deer podcasts." I could list a lot more stupid and unethical quotes and illegal activities from these two, but these examples should suffice for now.


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