Suggested Enhancements?



  • My suggestion

    There needs to be an app or firmware or something that allows you to hook up your camera via usb cable to your phone and live view the camera.
    This would be awesome to be able to line up your shot and get perfect framing on your pictures when out in the field.

    I mount cameras high up and it takes alot of up and down and trial and error to get the right angle etc..
  • I agree. It is nice to not have a bunch of different people to deal with. But I really like the video features some of these other brands have. But I love the ease of use of Moultrie.
  • Any chance you can start making these bright shiny USB connections brown or black. Thanks. Silver doesn't really blend in if you are worried about trespassers looking for things they can take with them.
  • I'm guessing this has already been mentioned or is in the works, but I can't understand why Moultrie is still requiring AA's batteries for their cameras. There should be an internal rechargeable battery inside the Camera with ability to add AA's for a backup as well as a port for an external power supply. The Camera should also have a built in Solar panel to recharge the internal battery pack. Their are other manufactures already doing this why not Moultrie? It really seems like the quality has dropped off and only thing Moultrie is focusing on is the cellular aspect, but honestly most of the cellular stuff has been nothing but a hassle. Thus far the coverage on the 4G stuff is completely a waste as I am getting no signal even in the middle of a Major City Like Houston, TX that has coverage for everything including 5g already. If your going to make Cellular cameras make them have the ability to get the same signal your cell phone does. If i have an AT&T phone and am getting 5 bars of 4g the camera should as well. Camera shouldn't say no signal same goes for Verizon.

    I switched to Moultrie because they used to be great cameras, now it seems they are not great cameras trying to catch up to everyone else's technology, I would like to see that change.

  • will be good to have a gps location of the camera

  • It would be nice to have a feature that would allow user to push a download between schedule downloads.

  • Remote check in feature would be great, I would not mind if it cost me a photo or two just to be able to verify that my camera is running and operating.
  • @binny1079 said:
    Remote check in feature would be great, I would not mind if it cost me a photo or two just to be able to verify that my camera is running and operating.

    It checks in every 25 hours @binny1079 . Devices>View cameras on the web. Cameras on the app. Gives you last connection time. I guess you could set a time lapse pic or two with large intervals just to keep check on it as well. As long as its not an A series camera.

  • On the moultrie mobile emails telling you that you have new pictures... put a link to

  • @Heavishot said:
    On the moultrie mobile emails telling you that you have new pictures... put a link to

    Hey @Heavishot , just throwing this out as a suggestion. If you have the app installed on your phone and notifications enabled, when you receive a notification of a new image, you can click on it and it will open the app for you.

  • > @flatfour said:
    > I'd like to see an option to enable/disable motion detect for certain hours of the day if you wanted. This would be a really nice feature.

    I agree I get almost all of my false triggers during the day. I have to manually change the delay time to 30 min every morning. The. Switch back to 30 sec in the evening to keep from using up all of my pictures in my data plan.

    Very frustrating!!!!
  • How bout an app that you can post trail cam pics to of different bucks and keep track in identifying what bucks you are seeing during hunting season?
  • I’d like to be able to see how many pics each modem/camera has sent per month. This way I can look back and decide if I need to enlarge or maybe shrink my data plan. Maybe show like a rolling 12 months for each camera. Could be pretty handy.
  • It would be very helpful if the emails I receive alerting me of new pictures, identified which camera it's from. I have two 7000's and am more interested in the activity on one of them. Thanks.


  • Another enhancement idea - it would be awesome if the camera would record the direction it is facing and record that in the camera's info in the app and on the site. Thanks.


  • How's about allowing people to post photos from their phone to the forum page?
  • It would be nice to maybe have a day and night time delay that's different. Seems during the day it takes LOTs of photos of the daylight. I'd like to have a 30 min delay for daylight photos and 1 min at night delay.
  • I used to get immediate notification of an image when a picture was taken. Now, nothing. Any idea what’s up with that?. I haven’t changed any settings or anything on My Modems or cameras. I’m wondering if moultrie needs to create a patch—because this all happened soon after I updated my iPhone software.
  • Is there a way to change the background color on the app? Kind of sucks in stand or on ground and get pics but it's A BRIGHT ASS WHITE SCREEN THAT EVERYTHING IN THE WOODS CAN SEE WHEN IT REFRESHES!
  • Please change the sensor to centered or something. Don't get me wrong, it's nice it will go off with a skeeter farts near it but it's just getting annoying with 48595855858 blank photos of dirt
  • After speaking with CS regarding modem not checking in it became evident that a remote modem reset tool would be nice to have.

  • No confirmation email to setup my account. Stuck on step 1. I can not setup my account to setup my camera.
  • What about an external antenna to help boost signal when placing a camera in a bottom
  • You want an enhancement idea....... CREATE A SYSTEM THAT WORKS CONSISTENTLY!
  • Way too much here to read it all, so I will just state my concerns. Moultrie is so far behind Bushnell when it comes to use of the app and their mobil device. From Bushnell I can see each pic on a text, quickly, I can see the pics on my email, quickly, and I can see them on the app, quickly. Moultrie ignores all this and told me they have no plans to do text and email. Plus, the night time pics from Moultrie are worse than Bushnell, and their notification sucks compared to Bushnell. So, you get more and better results from Bushnell at the same price. I think Moultrie is a loser here and I have no plans to buy another from Moultrie unless they raise up their game. Simple, to hell with all these suggestions. You are barking up the wrong tree, Moultrie does not care.

  • If it would work that'd be great.
  • you should upgrade to a external antenna... lol i think they down graded when they switched from the old MV1 to the new MV2.

  • @moultriecam2019 said:
    you should upgrade to a external antenna... lol i think they down graded when they switched from the old MV1 to the new MV2.

    The drop in signal you're seeing from the MV1 to MV2 is due to 3G vs. 4G. There's a reason cell phones don't have antennas anymore.

    Personally, I despised the antenna on the MV1s. It was something for animals to chew, swat and bite on.

  • One thing that I have already brought up to Moultrie and am now putting it out here; When are they going to upgrade their Photo Tags ie: Wolf, Raccoons, coyote,Bobcat ,Bear etc? Their reply so far is that nothing is in the works to do so!

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