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I am a long time user of Moultrie cameras and feeders....so this is painful! Currently I have no idea what you guys are doing, I’m truly confused. I have no fewer than 20 various Moultrie cameras. I can easily make the observation that all the newer models are experiencing all kinds of problems from water leakage to bad lcd,s to blank pics, you name it. I have grown concerned over quality issues and a poorly defined and designed product group. NOW, I tried to send another M 990i back for repairs and you won’t repair it, better to give me 50 off a new cam. this is troublesome! Going to try some browning cams as their engineering and product management seems more cohesive.....my Moultrie days are coming to an end. I tried to choose a new camera to buy with my 50 percent off coupon..... I have lost confidence based on reviews of the new cams....check out the M 4000i review on trail cam pro. This is sad, I detect a company currently struggling with strategic planning and proper product management! Am I the only one that is feeling Moultrie is no longer keeping up with their brand promise from years past?


  • I can't speak to the issues you're experiencing (though I am sorry you're having them), but I can say the reason an M990i can't be repaired is that model of camera is several years old at this point.

    It's the unfortunate fact of manufacturing that as you progress into new product lines it becomes basically impossible to support older hardware. It's the same reason it's hard to find parts for that old corvette, or why you can't pop over to Walmart and buy floppy disks anymore.

    I can say from personal experience though that I have many Moultrie cameras on my own property, and have put out and monitored many more, and i haven't had water leakage or bad LCDs. Blank pics, I sometimes get those, but over the years I've gotten pretty good at clearing my PIR line and setting my cameras up to minimize such things - I can promise that Moultrie is working quite diligently on fine tuning PIR performance though to try and maximize deer catching ability while minimizing leaf vision.

  • Just purchased a moultrie 900i. The sd card mechanism is horrible!!! Most of the time, The camera won't even recognize that the card is there. This is the worse trail camera I have ever used. Don't buy this camera.

  • I'm sorry to say this but I have Loved Moultrie " own 23 total", but with what i'm experiencing with the new ones i don't even want to say how i really feel.

  • I have found that, in the past 3 years or so, Moultrie has declined severely in (1) quality (2) price (3) customer service. I have several Moultrie cameras and 4 modems, but I’m shopping. I’ve had it with My share of problems, no customer service and just shoddy products that are way overpriced. I Absolutely hate to be taken advantage of!!
  • I'm also very disappointed with Moultrie lately. Have used them 4-5 yrs. Had the new wireless modem. It stopped sending pics on 2 separate cameras, returned to Moultrie, they said it was working fine. Now Know the connection port on their cameras are weak at best. They even sent pics using the modem back to my app. They returned Modem, I replied i had 2 Moultrie cameras, one a D-35, the other i'm not sure right now. Both of these I have used with the modem in the past, hence thats why i thought it might be the Modem. I asked if I could send both cameras and modem back so they could trouble shoot for me. Never got a reply! I sent a second email saying their lack of interest was disappointing...still no answer! Note I did not ask them to troubleshoot for nothing although I would thing maybe the 15 mins they would spend on a customer might be well spent.
    In my business I call that sort of thing "planting seeds", some sprout some don't. I since have discontinued using Moultrie Mobile and switched to spy point. Not a real big customer as i only run 2 up to 8 cameras.

  • Oh, I'd also like to say a large percentage of game camera enthusiasts work for a living, most Mon-Fri. The fact Moultrie customer service is closed weekends stinks!!I might travel 2 hrs to ck cameras, scout etc and no customer service!! may i suggest rotating some of your help to weekends? Guess that wouldn't help anyhow seeing the only means of communicating with you seems to be email....you expect me to send you an email, next weekend or the one after drive the 2 miles back to my camera!!! Nope, don't think so!!

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