Repurposed Camera Straps

As I referenced in my post about the Rigid Camera Mount I developed, I no longer use the camera straps. Which means, I have a whole box of them laying around collecting dust. As any good country boy can attest, there's no need in lettin' a good strap go to waste ;)

So while I was living life to the fullest in a treestand one day last year, I came up with an idea. I was roughing it with my 32 gadgets-proven to help you kill bigger bucks and my hot thermos full of coffee but I was running out of places to hang everything. Hence, this idea was born. A quick Amazon order of metal hooks and a hot nail punch later, I had a cheap, effective way to store more of my unnecessary stuff that I drag along with me to the tree every day. :D

I just punched holes about every 6 inches to allow for organizing depending on the tree size. I think the hooks cost me about $5 for a couple dozen. So if someone were to decide to get sticky fingers, I'm not out a lot of time or money.

What's the saying? Necessity is the mother of invention. Well, maybe this is more like too much time in a tree and not enough big bucks is the mother of invention ;)


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